We are a strong minded few who firmly believe that all knowledge should be free! With that, we strive to pass along to you the necessary tools to enable you to use that knowledge to its full extent. Taking a look at the model other companies use to become successful we’ve come to the realization that our community has been taken advantage of!

The truth of it all is.. the majority of companies out there are utilizing a vast majority of free tools to give you (in most cases) an unsatisfactory result. Simultaneously profiting from the ever growing dent in your wallet! This is and should from now on be considered unacceptable!

At Innovationz Squared² we’re here to not only give these tools & knowledge back to the people who deserve them, but also to serve as a medium for those without time to use these tools themselves!

Our rates are low for this reason. This isn’t to draw you in with hopes of selling you a pricey service. It’s simply because this is what fair should be! What we gain from this is just the bare minimum to keep our company up and running. While we are small, we’ve got big hearts! It is our hope that through the services we provide and the high level of individual attention we give… a lasting friendship can be made.