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This truly private messaging platform has been getting a lot of attention this month. In fact, as of its short intent to launch in the past few weeks it has been backed by a growing number of supporters who have not only helped to cover the costs of its debut (in its entirety) but exceeded that cost by nearly double! The makers of this app are ordinary people who have taken up the hard task of giving back TRUE privacy to the great people of this country and many others. Their aim is to make this safety net available to anyone who feels that their rights have been violated by PRISM and the likes of many other programs put in place by governments with the agenda of collecting your personal data!


Unreasonable at Sea!

Now, it’s no secret that what we aim to do here is borderline unreasonable and maybe even a bit irrational when it comes to marketing. I mean, after all, we’re here to not only project our ideas & services onto the community but our supporters as well. While all of this seems to be the opposite of what we should be doing as a business, there are a select few of us who believe that by breaking the “norm” and carving our own path we can achieve goals much bigger than ourselves and that is why we have this short (and oddly persuasive) video for you from an entrepreneur with a mind much like our own here at Innovationz Squared.

How about a discount?

One of the things we aim to do here at Innovationz Squared² is develop a network of local businesses who continuously provide you the products & services you need! Local business is important to us and should be important to you. While huge retail outlets and “Everything Under One Roof” stores do provide more jobs for our community. At the same time they devalue the knowledge that should come with the products you need!

We support many local businesses and inspiring talent. We even go as far as to promote them through our site in hopes of bringing them new customers because without you, we as a whole would become nothing. It is because we have you to support us, we can support each other!

The way our discounts work is simple. You don’t have to do anything you aren’t already doing. We just want to give you discounts for already supporting who WE support. What this means is, if a business in OUR network provides clothing. If you’ve bought that clothing and wear it when coming into our business.. we’ll give you a discount! It doesn’t get any easier than that.  If they provide a service just be sure to mention to us that you received that service and we’ll be happy to discount you all the same!

We constantly reach out to businesses to broaden our network in hopes of giving you more opportunities to save money! Be sure to check back daily to see who we’ll be supporting next!

Did you happen to come across one of these this week? If so, head on over to our Facebook page to find out what they’re all about!

Origami Flyers

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