The Flipside was a Kickstarter project I covered last December, which aimed to create a Bluetooth video game controller case that charged via solar power and used low-power Bluetooth 4.0. At the time, it had a very ambitious funding goal, and was hurt by the lack of official support for game pads in iOS. Now, it’s back on Indiegogo, with wind under its sails thanks to Apple’s inclusion of a universal game controller SDK in the upcoming iOS 7.

Flipside creator Justice Frangipane says that the Flipside was subject to Apple’s review last fall, and that the team there was very excited about the project and even offered support, but that Frangipane wasn’t allowed to discuss any details ahead of the announcement of iOS 7. The Flipside offers the ability to work as both case and controller for an iPhone, but can also work as a Bluetooth controller for…

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