Everyday presents a new obstacle to hurdle over and even with an entity as vast as Google. It seems even they have to descend the ranks and walk amongst the little guys to accomplish this one big feat!


The balloon-powered network known as Loon may be one of Google’s(s goog) famed moon shots, but the biggest issues facing the project are grounded right here on Earth. This won’t just be a major technological feat for Google. It will be a huge political undertaking. I give Google credit: it’s never shied away from a challenge. But if Loon is going to be a success, it’s going to have to wade deeply into the morass of global international relations.

I say this because Loon is no ordinary network – and I’m not referring to the balloons. Google wants to build a network that knows no borders. Not only does Google want to implement it in every country with an underserved internet population, but the network itself will be stateless, coasting from continent to continent.

Project Loon

Loon would basically become an internet service provider above the clouds. Terrestrial radios on the ground…

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