While a full scale (worldwide) implementation of this project would prove to change the course of history for the internet as we know it, what is there in terms of security? Not just for us as consumers who would be utilizing this outstanding resource but for Google? With the power of the internet comes those within it who fully understand it’s inner workings. Able to manipulate it as they see fit for a spectacular amount of means. For both good and bad. Are we to know anything in the near future about how secure the operation of these devices will be? Or are we left to the often discomforting notion that devices will be able to operate & maintain a high level of security all their own? Scenario: Possible hijacking of these devices to essentially round them up in one place leaving the people and businesses relying on them in the dark. As internet users, now more than ever we are using this tool to not only reach out to millions of people but to provide a sense of security & reliability we cannot provide ourselves on our own. What are we to do then? I feel as though with the correct facets in place this truly will be something that once again changes this generation for the better. I can only hope that the guys in Google’s “X” lab have all their bases covered. I suppose only time will tell.