Amidst all the worry & confusion with the ongoing PRISM leaks comes that little ray of hope we didn’t know we were looking for.


Most splashy inventions have science fiction analogues, appearing in film, television or print long before popping up in real life, like: Star Trek‘s medical tri-corderHarry Potter‘s invisibility cloak or The Transformers‘ metamorphosing robot animals. But a cloak that can blink data out of time itself?

Let’s say you want to hide something you’re doing online, like sending a text message or transferring a file to someone. Nowadays you might choose to encrypt that data, but even if someone listening wasn’t able to crack your encryption scheme, there’s still evidence something was sent. The real trick, if you wanted to cover your tracks, would be devising a way to conceal the transmission itself. And if you wanted to be diabolically clever about it, you might make that concealment mechanism time itself. Crazy fourth-dimensional voodoo science, right?

Maybe not. Back in 2010, researchers at Imperial College London…

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